Back in the 80s and 90s, SoHo was our stomping ground, a place where squeegee men and subway tags shared the streets with artists creating masterpieces in spattered studios. Boomboxes blasted the beats of Run DMC, Tribe, and De La Soul. It was legendary - a neighbourhood of art and craft where every stroll down the street was an adventure.

We've come a long way since our "OG" spot on SoHo's Broome Street. Now we're rocking iconic locations in NYC, the Vegas strip, Disneyland, and cities like Bahrain, Kuwait, Singapore, Switzerland, and the UAE – with many more in the pipeline. While we've planted our flag in diverse cities and cultures, our vision remains singular: we're here to deliver more than just dope eats.
Our burgers? They're not just mouthwatering; they're icons in their own right. With accolades pouring in from NYCWFF's Burger Bash, Time Out, Zagat, and even Dan's GrillHampton, it's safe to say our burgers are causing quite a sensation. And guess what? Our burger fame is spreading globally, too. So, how do we craft that juicy perfection?

We flip it once on a sizzling griddle (no grills allowed!). We slap on two slices of cheese, tuck it into a perfect potato roll, and give it a little extra lovin' with some crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, and a side of pickle. But hold on tight, our affection isn’t just for the burgers. Our menus got a whole lot more to love. Our lineup of burgers is legendary; they stack up awards like Meryl Streep.
The SHAKES that leave you SHOOK
Our CRAZYSHAKE® creations break the internet with their outrageousness, we take 'em to the next level and beyond. Think a milkshake crowned with a massive slice of birthday cake. A whimsical cloud of cotton candy hovering on top. Cookies seemingly "glued" to the glass. Our shakes aren't just over the top; they're works of confectionery art.

Enter our CrazyShake® milkshakes, the dominators of the internet since their debut in 2015. We kick things off with a ridiculously delicious milkshake as our canvas. Then, we let our creativity run wild, piling on the crazy stuff until it's transformed into a bonafide work of art.

The result? A picture-perfect dessert that'll have your Insta feed buzzing.
Our name, Black Tap, pays homage to those black tap handles you'll spot in craft beer bars. Craft beer? It's the lifeblood of our brand. We've got it all, from timeless classics to exclusive Black Tap brews.

Our lineup includes ever-changing seasonal beers and exciting collaborations with local microbrewers – ensuring we've got something seriously cool for every beer aficionado. But here's the twist – the brews are just the start. We're not just about craft beer; we're on point when it comes to craft cocktails too.