Mad Kicks is the Middle East's dope go-to spot for premium sneakers and streetwear. They were making waves in the scene, just like us. But what set them apart was that Mad Kicks wasn't just about copping the freshest streetwear; they were all about custom kicks too! It was all about that personal touch, and it vibed perfectly with Black Tap's roots in the streets of Soho, NYC. Together, we blended street culture and flavor like no other.
We introduced an exclusive PLT-themed CrazyShake® that blew your taste buds away, along with Wednesday DJ Nights that got you grooving. We were all about crazy activities, giveaways, and a stylish menu co-created with Pretty Little Thing. You captured the fun in our Doll Box-Style Photo Booth and were among the lucky few who grabbed Pretty Little Thing goodie bags
Last March, the Black Tap food truck made a memorable and delectable appearance at the Dubai International Boat Show, enticing attendees with their signature gourmet burgers and shakes, and leaving a lasting impression of culinary excellence
Dive into the awesomeness of Ella Kaddoura's first-ever partnership with Black Tap! The UAE-based influencer is known for her effortlessly cool style, and has whipped up a Matcha CrazyShake® that's a fusion of all her favorite things. It's like sipping on a glass of her creativity and passion, with Matcha vibes taken to the next level!
Picture yourself in the driver's seat of a classic Cadillac, wind in your hair, cruising with effortless cool. The Cadillac Shake was your companion for this epic journey – every sip is a reminder of luxury and legacy. This shake isn't for the faint of heart; it's for those who appreciate the finer things in life, with a dash of rebellious spirit. It was more than a shake; it was a symbol of style and a nod to the timeless allure of Cadillac.